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Enlighten™ Source Code Review

Source code review is a key part of a mature Software Development Life Cycle. Penetration testing can find some types of holes in a running system, but it isn’t the best way to test applications for all types of security flaws.

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Virtual CISO™ Services

If enhancing your security program is a critical priority and your organization needs the leadership to make it happen, we can help. Our Virtual CISO Service can provide your organization with a world-class Chief Information Security Officer who will bring immediate leadership. Exposure Security’s Chief Information Security Officers possess a unique blend of strategic vision, tactical capabilities, and technical skills.

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Penetration Testing


Exposure is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for PCI DSS assessments. We can do gap and readiness assessments and onsite PCI DSS assessments for both Merchants and Service Providers.

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The QSA logo is a registered trademark of PCI SSC.

Assessment Test

The key to being able to defend your data is knowing what your weaknesses are. Our suite of assessment services will illuminate your security issues and help you prioritize the remedies.

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CloudCounsel™ Architecture Guidance

Infrastructure as a Service platforms have become their own separate computing ecosystems. Amazon Web Services alone has over 75 services and countless add-ons available in the AWS Marketplace. Cloud computing is a truly powerful capability.

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Secure Coding Bootcamp

The primary cause of application insecurity is the lack of secure software development practices. Our highly intensive and interactive course provides essential application security training for web application, web service and mobile software developers and architects. Classes are a combination of lecture, security testing demonstration and code review.

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Security Awareness Training

Organizations are as strong as their weakest link, and that link is usually a person. It’s important to assess whether your organization has a security conscious culture.

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RiskAcuity™ Risk & Maturity Assessments

Fast, no-fluff risk assessment. What do you have? Where is it? What is the risk to the business if something bad happens to it? Our high-resolution quantitative scoring system ensures that high-risk items float to the top and low-risk items sink to the bottom.

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The key to being able to defend your data is knowing your weaknesses. Our suite of assessment services puts a team of expert hackers to work finding the weak spots before your enemies can.

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SecureCulture™ Security Training

Exposure offers application security training ‘bootcamp’ classes that can get your Development and QA teams up to speed in as little as two days.

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